Portfolio Arne Defoor
Designer I Illustrator I Artist
Work & Assignements
Lannoo Graphics
Mixed Media & Digital

Traject, Graphic Designer (2019-2020)
Designing templates, creating pictograms, animations in powerpoint, making infographics, photo-editing, maps...
Reference: Vincent Meerschaert - vme@traject.be

Lannoo Graphics, Lannoo Publishing Group, Graphic Designer (2018-2019)
Designing of different stationary products such as ring binders, planners, diaries and notebooks as well as giftcards.
Reference: graphics@lannoo.be

Internship at a start-up in the mobility sector, Mobit (2018)
Design of leaflets, posters for fairs, web content, illustrations for mobile applications, marketing photos,
webpages, video-editing, gifs....
Reference: Alexander De Bièvre - alexanderdebievre@mobit.eu

Pop-up gallery in Leuven (2018)
exhibited my own art with fellow artist from in and around the city.
Internship at the studio of Maarten De Saeger (2017)
author/illustrator/comic book artist.


Master in Graphic Design & Graphic Storytelling
LUCA School of Arts

I'm a versatile designer, artist, and illustrator. In the last years, I have already gained experience in different types of companies and sectors which has given me an interesting insight into the professional world. Besides that, I'm always working on side projects for clients or for myself. I like scrolling down webpages and watching tutorials to learn about new trends and gain more skills in design software. I have experience with design for print and web, illustrations, infographics, flyers, folders, templates, logo-design, working with style guides and much more. Besides that, I'm learning a bit about video editing and animation because I believe the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.
Leuven, Belgium
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